The Gentlewoman Issue 9 Favourites

I am a big fan of the UK based 'The Gentlewoman'. A beautiful magazine that celebrates womanhood through pages of style and interviews of powerful figures.

Unfortunately, I believe magazines are already following the path of the almost extinct newspapers, which is a pity but really quite understandable as the internet provides us with pretty much everything we are looking for. It is quite hard however to know exactly what to look for when you find yourself flooded by so much content. For that reason I would like to believe that some magazines will survive as a rare piece to keep, something beautiful, something sharp that leads the way to further readings and searches that the internet can then fully accommodate for.

To me The Gentlewoman stands out for that reason: The visuals are impeccable, the photography is well thought-through, nicely executed and not redundant. The interviews are interesting, inspiring and they showcase the best in women. It is a great find for inspiration and a beautiful magazine to collect.


Hereby is a selection of my favourite visuals from Issue 9. 

  1. Eliza Cummings in a black Levi's vintage clothing sweatshirt, customised by Fleet Bigwood shot by Alasdair McLellan. Article: "Slacks." - I really love the colours and the contrast of this picture. It stayed open next to my bed for days. 
  2. Cate Le Bon working on a potter's wheel shot by Jason Evans. Article: "Cate Le Bon" - This picture weirdly gave me a huge urge to start working on ceramics.
  3. Saskia de Brauw in a cream silk shirt by Margaret Howell shot by Anne-Marieke van Drimmelen. Article: "monday." - That shade!
  4. Last but not least! Vivienne Westwood in her own silk Crusade dress shot by Alasdair McLellan. Article: "When Vivienne talks, we should listen" - It's always impressive to see a 73 years old riding a bicycle, but it's also something to do it looking that glamorous. I also liked the fact that this is the bike she has been riding regularly throughout London since 2002.